Need a job?…Get a blog!

Everyone who is a senior and scheduled to graduate this spring is probably overwhelmed by one of two emotions; dread or excitement. Either you are eligible to graduate and have a job lined up for when you receive your degree, or you are dreading the date June 18 because you are entering the real world, jobless.

Personally, I am terrified of not finding a job that I will love. No, that’s not true! I am scared of not finding a job at all after four years of hard work. Well, thanks to Mark Schaefer’s blog and my J452 class I realized that I am not doomed. I have a chance in the world of PR thanks to this very own blog of mine and so do you! Here are seven reasons job-seekers should have a blog:

1)   Show what you’re made of.

2)   Build a professional network.

3)   Engage versus advertise.

4)   Point of differentiation.

5)   Sharpen your professional skills.

6)   Expand your reach.

7)   Extend the interview.


Now that you know what to do, you need to know how. Here is the advice I found…

1) An interview can be tricky because you have to make a complete stranger like you in about fifteen minutes or less. On a blog you have an unlimited amount of time to show your potential employer what you are made of! Your voice behind the posts can give viewers a look into your personality and knowledge.

2) Blog communities are now also professional networks. You never know when someone could love your material and recommend you for a job.

3) Resumes are boring. Blogs are personal, exciting and unpredictable! Through a blog you can engage with people rather than preach to them about how great you think you are. Talk about brand, social media, and sports! Write content that creates conversation.

4) Your blog gives you a chance to stand out. You need to show that you are different and better than other job seekers. It also gives you another more experienced level of writing expertise.

5) All this blogging can really build up your knowledge about the subject you are blogging about. Being knowledgeable isn’t enough; you need to be able to display interesting and thoughtful information. Blogging can be a fun way to research about the field you want to find a job in.

6) Other ways to show yourself off is on sites like LinkedIn. You can brag about your experience on your LinkedIn profile and actually show your experience and expertise on your blog.

7) Lastly, you need to end the interview with thanking the interviewer for their time and telling them that you have a blog. Leave your web address for your blog and wait! You may have just extended your interview and increased your chances of getting hired.


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