9 tips to becoming a Super PR intern

It is crazy how the job-seeking world has changed. In high school I was told that just one internship before college graduation would spice up your resume enough to land you a job. But boy has our economy changed! Now, I feel like two internships are still not enough to secure your chances.

Well, no matter how many internships you have it is important to know how to act appropriately when at work. Jessica Levco reveals some valuable advice for young students looking for an internship in “10 ways to be a dream PR intern.” With the advice from her blog, my past experiences and the information I have gathered from numerous career nights, I came up with nine pieces of advice to be a super PR intern:

1. Work harder and longer

Hard work is one of the most respectable qualities in an employee. Doing over time shows your manager/boss that you are dedicated.

2. Don’t create clicks with fellow interns

Interact with others in the office that are older than you. The other interns do not determine your future employment, your boss does.

3. Pick an office role model

Who knows…maybe if you show a seasoned employee respect they will take you in and give you valuable advice. Try to create the big brother/big sister relationship so you can model their behavior.

4. Be social and outspoken

Say something, even if it is the wrong answer! To make an impact your employer needs to notice you and realize that you have a brain.

5. Be more than just an intern

Don’t let the word “intern” define your work ethic. Michael Jordan was cut from the varsity basketball team his sophomore year of high school. If he gave up after being cut he would never have outworked everyone else to become, debatably, the best basketball player in the history of the game.

6. Learn new social media skills

The more you know the further you will get. Be open to the changing social media avenues.

7. Stay up to date with your industry

If you don’t know, your stuff you will embarrass yourself. Study up!

8. Dress appropriately

Be classy. You are not going out on the town with the girls. Here is some advice; over dress until you know the company’s dress code. It may be casual, but it could be very business formal.

9. Be polite

Offer to help out with extra work or stay late to work on a project. Don’t be a clock-watcher and zoom out of the office at 5 p.m.


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