Lukewarm for Tebow

Tim Tebow has been in the media spotlight since he was a teen. The name Tebow was famous even before he entered high school throughout the state of Florida. Now, Tim has become a nationwide icon and is highly talked about by critics and supporters. Listening to observers you find only two types of Tebow groups, the haters and the lovers.

No matter where you look there is no middle ground on the subject of Tim Tebow. There are virtually no lukewarm supporters, either you want him to succeed or you want him to fail miserably. One thing is for sure, whether you hate him or love him, you are drawn to him and can’t help but watch him every Monday night the Broncos step on the field.

Tim Tebow, Denver Broncos quarterback.

He attracts the public’s attention because of his unique character and humble statements. His views, actions, and beliefs may bother some, but for others they are traits found in a quality role model. No matter what the critics say, Tim has created great hype and PR for himself, his beliefs, his team, and the NFL in general. He proves that rough and tough language is not the only way to gain attention as a professional athlete.

Tim Tebow always diverts the attention away from himself, giving his Lord and Savior, or his teammates credit. Lebron James, a Tebow supporter, took his interview question about Tim and attempted to turn it into good PR for himself. Lebron claims “I can relate to him a lot. I see how the media plays it sometimes and how the critics go at him. To see him prove them wrong … he continues to stay positive and move forward. You respect that.” Lebron appears to be on the “love” Tebow side, but he also definitely loves himself. I respect his support for a fellow athlete, but his comparison was used to focus the attention on himself. Selfish self-PR?

I am not trying to bash Lebron because I do like him as a player, but not necessarily as a role model. Tim Tebow is a selfless athlete who never uses the self-PR tactics many other athletes do. It is almost impossible ignore his national presence. Rooting for or not, his media popularity is obvious. He is anything, but a lukewarm topic. Tim is not concerned about his fame. He is in the NFL to play and win. Take it or leave it because I can guarantee you will not remain indifferent about the Bronco’s quarterback for long.


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