Don’t get fired because of stupid social media decisions

I have found that in my recent posts I am not necessarily drawn to Sports PR posts, which is the field I plan on working in someday, but posts that give advice on getting a PR job and keeping it. This is probably because my next step is getting a job to gain experience, whether it is in Sports PR or not. Experience will help me achieve my end goal, but no matter where I work I still need show that I am responsible and dedicated.

So here are some tips to make sure that you do not lose your job because of social media mishaps. Social media is a great way to get attention from various publics, but don’t make the mistake of creating negative attention for yourself. Here are five pieces of advice I have gathered from professionals and blogs:


You are representing yourself and the organization you belong to. I am part of the University of Oregon Women’s soccer team so I have to be respectful to others and represent myself and Oregon athletics at all times. You never know where someone will recognize you and pair you with the organization you are a part of.


Everyday I look on Twitter and see numerous negative comments’ users post about classes and professors. Once you post something it is on the web forever! Your professors and potential employers can see how you interact with friends through your social media profiles so don’t embarrass yourself. If you are not professional, how do you expect to get a recommendation for a job or even find a job?

Instead of wasting your time complaining, take the responsibility on yourself to make things better. My coaches have always told me “you are the only person that can determine your outcome.” This statement is true to all aspects of life, not just sports. Spending time complaining and degrading others with not make your situation better.

Be yourself

Employers want workers that are experienced, hard working, outgoing and innovative. Show your personality so that the employer can determine if you are a right fit for that team. Every workplace needs chemistry to really thrive and if you are not a fit with that workplace it will be better for you and the job you didn’t get in the end.

Here is a social media tip; don’t act like an outrageous partier on your social media sites, but don’t try to hide who you really are. Employers become skeptical when privacy settings are too private.

Know where to draw the line

As important as it is to be influential in social media do not waste all your time, if you have a job, on Facebook and Twitter. DEFINITELY DON’T BASH YOUR BOSS, CO-WORKERS, OR CLIENTS VIA SOCIAL MEDIA! It will make you and your company look bad.

Be truthful and objective

The public does not see PR professionals as being objective and truthful. Show that you can display both qualities through tweets, statuses and pins because employers are looking for those qualities to reshape the reputation of PR.


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