The University of Oregon men’s golf team mixes PR and humor

What kind of sports blogger would I be if I didn’t blog about my very own ducks and fellow athletes?  This month, the University of Oregon men’s golf team caught my attention. They were recently ranked No. 2 in the nation after their competition on Friday, Mar. 3. I must admit that second in the nation is pretty impressive, but I have found that golf is not their only skill.

Businesses are always looking for new ways to improve their communication and relationships through PR. With the growing presence of technology, like the iPad, there is an increase in demand for visuals by consumers. Videos are particularly popular because they (usually) add audio explanation to the image being viewed. Realizing the increased popularity in social media outlets like YouTube, the golf team saw a video as an opportunity to reach out the community in a personal way.

Here is some advice; if you are in a slump and cannot think of a good way to get your name out there, start with the basics. Try to trigger people’s emotions and get some kind of reaction. Humor is always a good way to get the attention of a certain target public.

What did the golf team do to boost their awareness and support?


Got creative!
Triggered emotions and made people laugh.
Were personable and open.
Reached out to multiple target publics, including college students and families.
Disseminated their video through social media.


The golf team may not be marketing or PR professionals, but they are very creative and keep their idea simple. They didn’t add special effects or use expensive props; instead they kept it simple and used what they had. The statement “less is more” is a good guideline for PR professionals because too much detail often creates clutter and confusion when dealing with large numbers of people. It also can make the message appear cheesy, in a bad way.

Another appealing PR attribute that the golf boys executed was being open and vulnerable. Trust is built between a corporation and its publics when they are open and honest. They goofed off and opened up in an attempt to create relationships with current and potential fans. Lastly, the golf team used the connections they had, like the athletic department, and the social media available to them to get the word out about their video. By getting the word out they hoped to gain attention and increase their fan base. Facebook and Twitter helped, but YouTube was the outlet that really got the attention of users. PR is all about connecting and building. Get creative like the golf team, stay simple and get out there! There are so many ways to use social media, take advantage of your opportunities and the technology available!


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