Gisele speaks too much of her mind

The Super Bowl has come and gone and it is now old news. Basketball season has taken over and Baseball season is even receiving some spotlight time, but one PR mishap remains…Gisele Bundchen’s bold and borderline inappropriate comment. After the New England Patriots lost to the New York Giants, Gisele, the wife of Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady, complained “My husband cannot throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time.”

I personally like coming across stories like this because I have experience participating in a competitive college sport and I hear fans and onlookers make comments about the game all the time. In defense of Gisele, let me start by saying that she may have made a socially unacceptable and rude comment, but she was surrounded by her friends and she did not think that she was being publicly recorded. We have friends so we can talk openly and say whatever we want, no matter how cocky it sounds.

On the other hand, who is Gisele to talk? I don’t recall her becoming famous for being a professional athlete. She does not seem to know the importance of having teammates in a team sport. What people do not understand when they support a loved one in a sport is that they are always biased. I hate to say it, but everyone is. If you asked my parents you would hear mostly great things about me, while I am confident my coach would also say good things about me, she would also be realistic, knowing that I could be better if I worked on my weaknesses. Fans focus on the players they are personally connected to and always see them in a better light. What they often miss is that players would not be as successful as they are without their teammates. Brady is a stud, but no matter how good you are, you need your team to succeed when you participate in team sports.

I still strongly believe that MVP awards are important to recognize key players and I understand that games are often won because one player steps up and puts in the extra work to get the winning touchdown, but never, ever should that player take all the credit.

My advice to Gisele, say whatever you please, just make sure you are not being watched by outside sources. Potentially being the most famous supermodel in the world and being married to an all-star NFL quarterback, she needs to realize that eyes and ears are always on her. She chose her lifestyle and with it comes sacrifices like never being able to publicly speak your mind. Every career path has its pro and cons.


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